Kissed by Ink Editing

Welcome to Kissed by Ink Editing

First and foremost, congratulations on writing a book! You’ve taken the first step in an amazing journey. Now,  it’s time to make your story the best version of itself. Here’s where I can help.

Copy Editing

Copy editing is where an editor purely addresses flaws on the technical level. Using The Chicago Manual of Style 17th Edition, I will make sure that your writing is in accordance with industry standards. Here’s what a true copy edit entails:

  • corrects spelling, grammar, punctuation
  • ensures consistency in spelling, numerals, fonts, capitalization, and formatting
  • checks for incorrect statements and facts
  • tracks internal consistency
  • looks for libel issues

Fees: approximately 5-10 pages/hour @ $40/hour.

Line Editing

A line edit is NOT where an editor combs through your writing for errors. The purpose is to focus on how the writer communicates his/her story to the intended audience. As your editor, I will address content, writing style, and language by asking the following questions as I read:

  • Does your writing convey a sense of emotion?
  • Does your writing convey a precise meaning, or are you relying on clichés?
  • Does your writing style flow gently through your story?
  • Do you overuse words?
  • Is there redundancies of information?
  • Are there tonal shifts?
  • Are there confusing scenes and/or confusing transitions?
  • Are there words and/or phrases that may enhance your meaning?

Fees: approximately 3-8 pages/hour @ $40/hour

Manuscript Critique

Ohhh, these are my favorite! As a former editorial intern, I love diving into the slush looking for sparkling story gems. This is what I used to do for both Entangled Publishing and P.S. Literary Agency. What does this mean for you? I will read your manuscript of up to 80,000 words and write a single critique letter (similar to what we refer to in publishing as a reader report) of approximately 3,000-5,000 words. Included will be my unbiased thoughts on your character development, plot, themes, powerful moments, flaws, and all-around picture of your story—including revision suggestions. You will get insight into the strong and weak areas BEFORE you send to an agent.

Because this is super exciting to me, I am charging an introductory flat rate of $300 for this service!

For shorter stories, I am charging an introductory rate of $150 + .0019 per word.

Need a Reread?

If you hired me to complete line editing for you and you’d like me to reread and/or complete copyedits, I will base my hourly rate on 1/3 my original fees for this second pass.


My fees are based on the standard pay rates of the Editorial Freelancers Association and Writer’s Market. I charge $40/hour for both line editing and copyediting.

When you book me for services, there is a deposit due of 50% at time of booking, with the other 50% due on the beginning date of your project. While I have a relatively quick turn-around time of two-weeks or less, if you need your material faster then my schedule allows, I will prioritize it for a rush fee of $100. Don’t hesitate to contact me for more information.

All payments and invoices will be via PAYPAL.

Cancellation Policy

If you have scheduled in advance, please make sure you can keep your booking. Due to turning away potential clients for your original booking, I will refund 80% of your deposit if you cancel. If you’d like to reschedule and I need to squeeze you into a new slot, you may incur a 10% reschedule fee.

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