Here’s me in a nutshell; a partially cracked one I might add:

1.  I’m obsessed with Buffy the Vampire Slayer (the Joss Whedon show, not the original ’80s movie although this is hilariously campy). My prized possession is a Buffy comic signed by Amber Benson and Felicia Day.

2.  I write YA and NA romantic horror and paranormal. I dream of writing a sappy contemporary one day, but alas it hasn’t come to fruition yet.

3.  Stephen King is my idol. If you’re a writer and haven’t read his book, On Writing, you must go do this now. Seriously. My favorites Stephen King novels? It, Misery, and The Tommyknockers.

4.  My day job: I teach 8th grade language arts. Guess middle school is my purgatory and I’m a masochist, but I love working with teens! My night job: I work in a large bookstore part-time. No, I will not reveal the name of said bookstore. But I love being surrounded by books. I also intern with a literary agency to learn more about the book publishing process.

5. I love to read. Obsessively so. I have a problem with buying books and having a physical TBR pile so large, I can’t figure out how to read them all.

6.  I curse like a sailor. Not in front of my students, but if you’re an adult and know me well–look out!

7.  I have an old tattoo of a rose, one that was done in a basement for $15.00. True story. I’ve since added a raven tattoo to my wrist to commemorate the publishing of THE BLEEDING HEART. This one was done in a real tattoo parlor in Manhattan. <3! My latest is the phrase: “Still I rise”, which is from a famous poem by Maya Angelo. This one was done locally. It’s almost time to get #4 done…

8.  I’m not afraid to break away from the norm. In fact this is where I’m most like my teen self. Normal is just not my style–hence my purple hair.

9.  I have a collection of heads. Okay, before you freak out thinking I have mummified heads in my house, they are three heads that were once used to practice hair styles on. One I purchased to hold my writing pens, the other two my friend found for me at a yard sale. The heads freak people out, which makes me like them more.

10. I create a soundtrack for everything I write. Some songs are better for certain chapters, so I listen to them on repeat.


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