Happy New Year!

My post might be a little late, but I’ve hit the ground running.

BTW, this is a joke. If you know anything about me and running–let’s just say my saying is that there’s no reason to run unless you are being chased.

No one is chasing me, except me. And this year I am all about chasing my dreams. This includes submitting VtMH, embedding myself further into the world of publishing, learning more about becomming an agent, and beginning my very own editing business.

Most of these items will take time, hence the not running part. I am taking my time to do things right. To take care of myself, friends, and family. To be good to those around me. I’ve hung back long enough. It’s time to take on the world.

So look out.

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One Response to Happy New Year!

  1. Jolene Haley says:

    I AM LOOKING OUT FOR YOU MISS GIUFFRIDA! You slay allllll day.


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