A New Beginning

I think I may have finally gotten my shit together. Okay, not really. But enough that I’m being productive and writing again. Every morning after I take care of the dogs, I plant my butt in the chair to write.

After some feedback on my previous WIP, I’ve decided to shelve Violet the Monster Hunter for the time being. There’s something not gelling with it, so I’m taking time away. But, that means I can move on to another new and shiny idea.

This time, I’m working through my issues. No, this WIP won’t become one of those “issue books”, but it will help me deal with a few things. I don’t think I’m the only writer out there who does this. We write to tell a story and sometimes it hits closer to home than others. Unless you know me and know everything I’ve been through in the last year, nothing in this story will hit you over the head. It’s small nuances and one liners that will get my point across and help me to move on.

And if you’re wondering if I’m angry about something, the answer is no. I’m not angry. Or sad. Maybe a lot confused, but this also isn’t going to be a hateful story. In fact, it is about love. Secret love. Love that knows no bounds until the very end. It’s something I’m in search of and hope to find one day.

So this horror writer is working on a YA contemporary romance. I know. There is a serial killer piece in the works too, so don’t write me off yet! Lol.

For those who like to get a little tease…here is the opening paragraph…

“And what would you say if she were here?”

Knowing I only want to gather her into my arms and convince her to love me like no other before, I lie. Lie straight through my teeth, because to do or say anything other than, “You stupid, stupid bitch. I hate you.” would make me look weak. And I cannot afford for anyone to know how she makes me jelly in the knees.

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