Time to Try New Things

This month I am trying a few new things. I think it’s time to get out of my comfort zone and just go for it. I’m not just talking about writing, but also life.

Sitting at my computer this morning I signed up for Stitch Fix and an Amazon giveaway! This means other people will be working to make my life a little easier. Novel idea, eh? This comes at no surprise to those who know me and how little time I have for myself. I’m hoping that these two services will give me a little more room to write. After all, this is what I need to be doing–adding words to the page–right?

As for writing, I mean I can’t truly write a post and not update you on this. If I did, I’d be a very bad author! I have a new book in the works and am currently calling it Violet the Monster Hunter. I’m quite confident that this will NOT be the ending title, but who knows. This one is a little off the horror track, instead adds a little fantasy and magic into the mix. Think Buffy the Vampire Slayer meets Supernatural. And as with anything I write, there will be a smidge of romance.

The biggest news of all is that this is the first in a series!

I know. Amazing! This equals 3 new things this month! I swore there would never be a series in my writing future, so I know you’re wondering “why now?” The quick and dirty answer is because I can see it. This is a story that cannot be told in one book. Can you imagine BtVS in just one episode? How about only one night of Sam and Dean? NEVER!

When will VtMH be finished? Hmmmm, that’s a tricky question. I’m hoping by November, so that I can use NaNoWriMo to edit and polish. We shall see. It may be finished sooner, but I’m not rushing it. For now, how about I share the first page with you???? And if you like what you read, let me know in the comments. Don’t forget, I can be bribed to post more teasers;)

Violet the Monster Hunter (VtMH)

Chapter 1, Page 1

I trace my finger along the thin line of his upper lip. “Come on, Sam. Close your eyes.”

“Violet, this is ridiculous.” With a dramatic sigh, he does what I ask and closes his eyes.

Old reliable did exactly what he was expected to do, like always. “Pick up your head, so I can get this bandana tied behind you.”

“There’s no need for a blindfold. I promise not to peek.”

“No way I’m trusting you. Remember what you did at Lucy’s party in tenth grade?” Sam sits up wide-eyed, gripping his chest in mock horror. “Oh don’t even. You were born nosey and you know it.”

He flops backward onto the bed and lays like a bump on a log. It takes a minute, but I finally roll his big head onto my lap and tie the folded red square of cloth around his closed eyes. Before letting him go, I give a good tight yank on the knot.

Seeing him lay there in my bed is enough to drive me crazy with lust. Sam is so hot laying there in his tight t-shirt, which accentuates his lean frame. Two of his six pack peeks out above his loose jeans and I want to see more. Watching to make sure he doesn’t peek, I work to make as little noise as possible as I undress and slide the little outfit I picked up at Victoria Secret over my head. I take a nervous look in the mirror, and am pleased that the clingy fabric appreciates my luscious curves.

I settle myself right in front of him, so the first thing he’ll see is me. I want him to get a good look before I pounce. “Okay. You can take it off now.”

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