Liebster Tag: 11 Questions and Random Facts About ME!!


Thanks to the fantastic Kira Butler, co-blogger at The Midnight Society, I have been TAGGED! Now, normally I would post this on my other blog (Kissed by Ink), but I figured since it really tells about who I am as a writer I’d share it here. I have to give it some thought as to who I’ll tag next…stay tuned for that…


The Questions

  1. What is your favorite thing about writing horror?

There is just something about the shock factor that I can’t quite leave alone. The deepest recesses of one’s mind tends to be kept locked up tightly by most, which is why I write more psychological horror than the slasher stuff (even though I love watching this type of movie). With a syringe I go deep, extracting only the most disturbing of thoughts and write about them. I happen to enjoy watching the reaction I get when I tell people that I write horror. Priceless!

2.  Tell us about your writing process.

Right now I’m working in the revision cave, busy getting ready to publish my psychological horror—The Bleeding Heart (due out in May)—but let’s start at the beginning. For this story, the characters screamed their story at me. I could be in the shower, the car, at work, anywhere really and I’d have to stop and jot notes down. I don’t outline. I don’t write character sketches. I write what my pushy characters tell me to, then add my own two cents.

As for revising—I’m a total paper waster. I know. I apologize in advance to all trees for my bad behavior! I absolutely cannot revise on my computer screen. I have to print out whatever section I need to work on, then rip the thing apart with tons of notes.

Included in my process are a few fantastic writers who I swear enjoy using track changes on my Word documents. I don’t know where I’d be without my critique partners! They make me a better writer and are the best support system a writer can have.

3.  Where does your inspiration come from?

I sort-of mentioned this above, but I can elaborate more here. Characters take on a life all their own. Ideas float to me at the most inopportune times. I’ve been known to jump out of the shower, just to get an idea down on paper. I also use Seri to write notes for me when I drive. Sometimes I get inspiration from a song. I’ve used particular emotion or lyrics to start me on a particular idea. Other times, I pull from past experiences.

4.  Do you ever scare yourself? How do you break past the wall and dig deeper?

Oh, hell yes. I have 20k written of a story that I’m actually afraid of. Why? It’s dark. I mean really and truly dark. After my revisions are finished, I will be going back to this one though. I will break through the wall and get the story out. I think my fear is not just for the material, but also because it seems to be more adult, which is not typically what I write. I bet that your salivating, dying to know what it is I’m writing about. Well, I’ll give you a quick glimpse—female serial killer with dual personalities, one who’s the victim, and the other a killer who’s M.O. are females who resemble her dead mother.

5.  What’s your biggest fear?

Once upon a time I was afraid of dolls, clowns, and tornadoes. I’ve outgrown many of these fears, but still carry the tornado one with me everywhere I go. But I do have one HUGE fear…failure. I think we all feel this at one time or another.

6.  If you could summarize your writing style, how would you describe it? Paint us a picture.

I’ve been told that I write in a Poesque, macabre fashion. Seriously the best compliment I’ve ever received! I know when a sentence or scene is good if it makes me cry, cringe, or smile when I’m typing. If I don’t want to scream at the characters on my pages, I don’t want them in my story at all.

7.  What’s your recent most favorite sentence from a book?

Okay, if you know me at all you’ll totally understand why this is one of my favorite quotes.

John Green, Looking for Alaska:  “I just did some calculations and I’ve been able to determine that you’re full of shit.”

8.  What was the first horror novel you read and loved?

It. Stephen King is the sole reason I love to read. It’s his stories that brought me into the fold of horror. I’ve never been into the classics, so in high school when I was forced to read certain books, I rebelled. Using Cliff Notes got me through this relatively unscathed, but it did ruin classic novel reading for me. When I first picked up Stephen King, then subsequently Dean Koontz, I learned that reading was worth my time. And I held on fast to this genre.

9.  Describe your writing ritual.

Although I have a desk, I rarely use it to for writing (usually there’s all kinds of stuff covering it). Typically I sit in bed with my MacBook Pro, earbuds, a box of Gobstoppers, and my dog Sera. As I write, I constantly battle with the urge to jump on Twitter or Facebook. I swear I’m the world’s greatest procrastinator. But this summer I will finally have an office! Then, I will be able to sit at my desk and have space to write.

10.  If you could hang out with your favorite character for an evening, who would it be and what would you do?

This is a tough one! In every book I read, there is at least one character I’d love to hang out. I mean, both Jennifer Armentrout and Jaime McGuire created some really H-O-T characters—can you say Daemon, Roth, and Travis without drooling?! And I’d go salsa dancing with them.

Most of the gals from The Midnight Society love Harry Potter, so of course I’d give anything to hang with them, especially Hagrid and his dragon baby☺ One of my favorite YA series is James Patterson’s Maximum Ride. To hang out with Max and the crew would be so much fun, especially if they took me for a ride in the air!

11.  What’s your big dream as an author?

All I really want is for people to read and enjoy my books. It would be so cool to get to a point where I could be part of a book signing—although I’d rather do this with a group. I find that being with other authors makes everything so much more fun! Last year at BEA I finally got to meet some of my internet friends in real life. To do this again and truly hang out with my writer friends, would be the best thing ever!

Eleven Random Facts About Me

  1. I pierced my left ear twice by myself.
  2. I have a tattoo—it was done for $15.00 by an apprentice in his basement. To commemorate my first published book, I will be getting another tattoo. This time I will go to a real tattoo parlor.
  3. I LOVE BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER. But of course, you already knew that about me.
  4. I teach 8th grade language arts. I could explain why this is totally ironic, but alas I will keep that to myself, or at least not put it in writing.
  5. I cannot drive the speed limit. Yeah, I have this lead foot issue.
  6. Over a year ago, I contracted Lyme Disease. Since then I’ve been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. I have constant pain in my hips, knees, and muscles. I also have days when I can’t get myself out of the fog in my brain and my speech is affected. The medicine I take daily only helps so much. Before this, I was very active as a dancer. Now, I am winded when walking up a flight of steps.
  7. I am a TV addict! I love shows like: Supernatural, Reign, The Blacklist, American Horror Story, Shameless, The Walking Dead, The Originals, The Vampire Diaries, and Arrow.
  8. I’ve seen a dead body lying on the side of the main road leading to my house (there was an accident and he was thrown from his car). Every time I pass that spot, I see it all over again.
  9. I believe that in my former life, I lived in Tornado Alley—which is why I have a huge fear of Tornadoes. We all know that Pennsylvania is not normally hit with these funnels!
  10. I love New York! For me, a fun day is walking around the city.
  11. I cook and host our family’s Thanksgiving meal every year. Usually we have 16-18 people in our small house. It’s the one time I get both my mom and dad together—they divorced when I was 13 years-old. This is my favorite day of the year!

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5 Responses to Liebster Tag: 11 Questions and Random Facts About ME!!

  1. Kathy Palm says:

    OMG! Tornadoes! So afraid.
    I love IT! Scared the crud out of me. I still watch the drain when I take a shower. O.O


  2. Faith McKay says:

    Looking for Alaska has so many great lines. So much perfect sarcasm.

    I’m glad we’re all doing this. I feel like I know you better now 🙂


  3. Faith McKay says:

    Looking for Alaska! So muc perfect snark in that book.

    I’m glad we’re all doing this.I feel like I know you so much better now 🙂


  4. It was really difficult to choose just one quote from Looking for Alaska! Thanks to Kira for tagging us. I love reading everyone’s answers!


  5. Lol! I can watch tornado movies, like Twister with Helen Hunt. But when it storms here, I’m looking at the sky for funnel clouds and the horizon to turn green.


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